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Aluminum CNC machined part

Part Cleaning

Part cleaning

To keep our commitment to quality, 100 percent of parts manufactured inside NexGen Manufacturing are cleaned and sanitized to bring the highest level of quality. The difference is unbeatable. Bringing a truly finish part to the hands of our customers.

Our Part Cleaning Capabilities

Ultrasonic cleaning is a process that uses ultrasound (usually from 20 to 40 kHz) to agitate a fluid, with a cleaning effect. Ultrasonic cleaners come in a variety of sizes, from small desktop units with a capacity of less than 0.5 litres (0.13 US gal), to large industrial units with a capacity approaching 1,000 litres (260 US gal).

The principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is to convert the sound energy of the ultrasonic frequency source into mechanical vibration through the transducer. 

The vibration generated by the ultrasonic wave is transmitted to the cleaning liquid through the cleaning tank wall, so that the micro-bubbles in the liquid in the tank can keep vibrating under the action of the sound wave, destroying and separating the dirty adsorption on the surface of the object.

Ultra Sonic Cleaner
Ultra Sonic Cleaner

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Aluminum machined part
Aluminum machined part

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Machined parts
Machined parts

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Ultra Sonic Cleaner
Ultra Sonic Cleaner

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NexGen Cleaning Specifications

To learn more about our cleaning capabilities, contact us today. To discuss your requirements with one of our experts, request a quote.


DK Sonic

Die casting stainless steel tank
Industrial grade integrated circuit
0-80ºC temperature range
1-99 minutes working time
Degassing and degreasing function
Fullwave(40KHz) for intensive rinse, semiwave(33KHz) for gross rinse

Maximum Length : 15.0 in

Maximum Width : 11.0 in

Maximum Thickness 5.0 in


ABS (plastic)

Acetal (copolymer)

Alloy Steel



Bronze Alloys

Carbon Steel


Delrin ® Acetal Homopolymer

Stainless Steel

Production Volume


Low Volume

High Volume

Blanket Order

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